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How do I remove the wrap for form fields in Contact Form 7? I use the plugin Contact Form 7 for the reverse form. When you add a field, a wrapper is generated span for each field of the form: <span class="wpcf7-form-control ...
answered May 18, 2022
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How do subdomains affect SEO and why are they rarely used? The question arose about the appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of using subdomains on their sites. I noticed that many sites like Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki ...
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What is white highlighted? Good afternoon. Please explain what is the entry highlighted in white in the screenshot: I understand that it's a condition check, but where does it get these variab ...
answered Dec 11, 2021
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When creating a frontend infoblock item, how do I pass a checked Checbox? Good afternoon. There is a form with a checkbox intuitive that creates an item in the infoblock when sent. Parameters are transmitted $arFields = array( "PROPERTY_VA ...
answered Nov 20, 2021
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1C-Bitrix. How to make one page cart and checkout to recalculate the "Total" everywhere? It turned out to be easy to add checkout to the cart - just added the "checkout" component to the cart page. But the problem is that when you change the amount of goods ...
answered Sep 18, 2021
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Installing multiple cursors in sublime textAs quickly place multiple cursors in sublime text? The mouse is not a very useful one to have if you want to put a lot of pieces, e.g., >20. ...
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How to override a mixin parameter, without touching the source code?Good afternoon. In the source code there is this mixin buttons.scss it Looks like this: @mixin button-variant($background, $border, $hover-background: darken($background, ...
answered Mar 4, 2020
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How to fix switching classes .active and .show in Bootstrap?Good afternoon. Please help me to fix the problem with the switch list you can see, when switching tabs added classes .active a ...
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How to use the tag Picture?How to use adaptive tag picture to perceived normal, the validators did not swear and google pagespeed are not cut pictures to the minuscule? I use so <picture>< ...
answered Feb 21, 2020

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