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How much better is it to use a sugar solution for printing? I bought a used prusia i4 printer, calibrated, for the model (plastics) I use the following parameters: table 100C, nozzle 215C. But here's the problem: the model is s ...
asked Dec 23, 2021
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I do not understand why the logs are not immediately recorded supervisord? There is a python script that runs in the docker container and writes to stdout. Everything is run with an entrypoint command: supervisord -n Configure one of the scri ...
asked Dec 9, 2021
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Redirect the output stream of one process to another? Situation, there are 2 active ssh sessions under different users on a remote server. On one of the sessions, there is an application waiting for data entry. It is requ ...
asked Nov 25, 2021
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What could be the reason why the device shuts down whenever it is accessed? There is a flash drive with a capacity of 60 GB. There was an unsuccessful write using dd, where /dev/sdb was specified as /dev/sdb (I misprinted), after which the probl ...
asked Nov 6, 2021

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